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 Life & Business Coaches (Combining Both)

Coach Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell ~ Professional, Life and Courage Coach ~
As a world-traveled adventurer, mother of four young children and ICF Certified Coach, Margie is also the Best Selling Author of “Find Your Courage!”, a professional speaker and passionate about helping women achieve their personal and professional goals with greater clarity, confidence and courage. Originally from Australia and with a background in Fortune 500s, Margie is recognized internationally as an expert on living and leading with courage – in communication, relationships, leadership and life!



Coach Hugh Stewart


Hugh Stewart ~ Life & Executive Coach ~

Hugh’s  confident solution coaching will enable you to cultivate a personal culture of change, optimize how you spend your time and focus,  design workflow around your most profound talents,  achieve  masterful delegation and outsourcing habits,  streamline your work processes , and create the clarity, focus, action & results you deserve .


Judy DeLapa Life & Executive Coach


Judy DeLapa ~ Executive & Career Transition Coach ~

As a professionally trained coach, seasoned business owner and community leader, Judy can guide you in identifying new opportunities, charting new paths and achieving new levels of leadership success.




Life Action Coach Libbe HaLevy

Libbe HaLevy ~ Life Action Coach ~  
Julie Andrews
sings Libbe’s      praises “Libbe HaLevy served as our business retreat facilitator…. I am most grateful for her special skills and professionalism.”  Libbe can help you develop heart-centered consciousness, improve your communications skills, stimulate intuitive creativity and achieve your dreams in goal-setting, personal accountability, self-promotion, product creation and business development.



Doris Roper ~ Financial Life Planner ~
Doris helps women get smart about money and build a financial foundation that empowers them!  Discover your money blueprint – your internal programming and belief about money.



Life & Business Coach Chris Gaddis

Chris Gaddis - Life & Business Dreams Coach ~

Let Chris help you make your dreams a reality.  He works with you as a team, actively listening to your dreams and aspirations and creating a clearer path for how to achieve them in your life, your business or your career. His coaching focuses on you as a whole person.





Coach June Davidson

June Davidson ~ Coach of Mastery ~  

June uses ATAP – Assessing your Truth to Accelerate your Process – to enable you to “re-program” yourself so that you can take Center Stage in the Theater of your life. June has worked with the coaching gurus and is the Coach of Mastery.



Jim Vuocolo ~ Soul Business Coach ~
Jim helps you Integrate who you are
with what you do to produce the results you want. He works with those of you who want to take your life and work to the next levels of success.



Robin Gardner  ~ The Money Coach for Women ~  
As a Money Coach, Robin empowers you to reach your full potential – especially in the areas of Money and Financial Empowerment.   Robin will help you create wealth from the inside out…because a healthy relationship with money starts with your personal power.  Learn how to change your money patterns in order to achieve Financial Freedom!




Coach Robin Hardy

Robin Hardy ~ Business & Life Action Coach ~ 

Using her unique skills and innovative thinking, Robin empowers you to tap into your inner strengths in both your business and your life.   





Coach Mark Semple

Mark Semple ~ Successful Together Coach ~  

Mark shows you how to put the “Us” in Business ~ how to share your success journey with your significant other, especially for home-based women entrepreneurs.



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Coach Robbie Motter

Robbie Motter ~ Personal & Business Coach ~

All of us need our own personal coach, even coaches, to keep us on target and accountable, Robbie’s mantra is It’s All About Showing Up! Robbie helps you reach your potential in life and business by showing you how to build your network, maximize your strengths and oh, so much more.



Sandra Tate ~ Whole Life Coach ~

Sandra helps you ReClaim your vision at work, at home, for life! Sandra’s upbeat “can-do” approach brings out the best to inspire you to get your life back on track where you want it to be.  You have a right to feel fulfilled, passionate and rejuvenated by making the right choices every day of your life.  If that's presently not the case, then you have the power to change that.


Marcia Merrill ~ Career/Life Transitions Coach ~

Marcia helps you “Fall in love with your LIFE and your work! (in that order).  As the transition chick, she smoothes the way for you, increasing your “Transition IQ” and clarifying the impact that change has on your life.   



Coach Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson ~ Life & Business Coach ~

Laura is passionate about being a co-creator WITH you to find the greatness OF you through laser focused steps... inspiring you to take action toward success.      



Business Coaches


Coach Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz ~ Smooth Sale Coach ~

With her unique Sales Training skills, Elinor can help you develop relationship skills to build repeat business, referrals and testimonials to increase your business exponentially.




Bob Shannon ~ Professional Business Coach ~

Bob delivers professional business advice and first-hand experiences that help you navigate through obstacles that may be blocking your end goals for your business success.



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Paula Constantino ~Legal Solutions Coach ~

 Merging her legal expertise as a former trial and transaction attorney with her coaching skills, Paula helps you strengthen your business awareness as well as your legal position. Paula engages in creative options beyond focusing on just the legal issues. (See also Package Yourself 4 Success Coaching)



Carol Deckert ~ Networking Coach ~

Carol works with you to build the effective networking skills needed to build your business.  She provides you with techniques to focus on people, build and cultivate relationships, form nurtured, thriving relationships, develop the skills necessary to generate solid business referrals and build your business through networking.




Coach Rachel Schindler

Rachel Schindler ~ Pinnacle Success Business Coach ~

Rachel’s coaching assists professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses to achieve significantly increasing performance, productivity and profitability.



Life Coaches


Life Coach Aisha Alfa

Aisha Alfa ~ Dream Bigger Life Coach -
With Aisha as your, you will  
discover how greater balance leads to greater success and how you can become more in tune with your authentic values and goals. You will begin to practice the life that you deserve – to dream bigger and to succeed faster. 



Donna Karson, MBA  ~  Women’s Personal Coach ~

How your life is now, is not how it has to be--- especially if you work with Donna. Coaching together she’ll guide you to discover self- defeating beliefs that hold you back. You will be valued, heard, and respected, while you are pushed, challenged, and totally supported!



Patricia Omoqui ~ Harness Your Power! Life Coach ~

Patricia can assist and support you in moving step-by-step to creating the joy, hope, peace and success in your life that you deserve. Through Patricia's personal support, you will be led through a process of self-awareness so that you become a Master Creator of the life you have always longed for.

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Pauline Haynes - Your Magnificence Life Coach

Pauline’s coaching guides to honor your authenticity, trust your intuition, take responsibility for your actions, achieve more balance in your life, clarify where you are now and where you want to go and celebrate your life as you transition into your own magnificence.



Robyn Lindsey ~ Life Empowerment Coach ~
 Robyn provides you with the tools to work through your challenges, unlock the power within you, reach deep within your soul and get to the heart of heart of what is holding you back. 



Life Coach Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott ~ Life Spiritual Coach

Lisa helps you expand your personal and spiritual awareness to better understand you core beliefs and to define and develop your personal goals with care, compassion, respect, understanding and patience.



Susan Sheehan
~ Lifestyle Health & Prosperity Coach  ~ 
Susan helps 40+ women  change the way they think about life - that to live life full of passion, prosperity, great health and sporting the body we want… then there are ‘new rules’ to follow.  “40+ is the time to think about what you are thinking about.”
  Remember - Life begins at 40!


Claudette Gadsden-Hrobak ~ Your Motivational Mentor

Coach Claudette supports and encourages you on your journey of life as you grow to be supported by new thoughts as they creating a new you – transforming your dreams into reality.



Amy Schoen ~Personal Life & Relationship Coach ~ 
Amy helps you get to the core of your life & relationship issues, and with her, you can explore your these issues so you can create a successful life strategy, as well as learning how to live a more balanced life. 





Carol Ann Baughman ~ Self-Hypnosis Life Coach ~
Carol  teaches you self-coaching.  You learn to calm, center and heal yourself... and toeasily incorporate practical self-techniques for immediate change, total energy shifts and renewed vitality.



Life Wellness Coach Yolanda Levy


Yolanda Levy ~ Wellness Action Coach~

Yolanda gets you started The Journey to a New You – helping you overcome challenges of chronic illness and being overweight, building your self-image and motivating you to go for your goals.




Life Coach Daniela Bauman


Daniela Bumann ~ Vibrant Living Coach ~  
Through the integrative VL (Vibrant Living) Process, as seen on National TV, Daniela helps you recognize and strengthen your mind and body connection: while helping you build Success habits, find increased Clarity, Direction and renewed Passion and Purpose for your life!

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Productivity Coach Evelyn Gray 

Evelyn Gray ~ Productivity & ADD Coach ~

Evelyn can help you analyze your activities, define and set priorities and accountability witha caring attitude on an ongoing basis, while restoring balance by increasing your productivity. "Remember, "If you can't find it in 30 seconds, it's in the wrong place."



Life Coach Kim Loftis


Kim Loftis ~ Life & Spiritual Coach ~

Utilizing loving compassion, powerful exercises and deep insight, Kim joyfully assists spiritual women to reach for their dreams and teach their hearts to sing.



Personal Energy Coach Yarrow

Yarrow ~
Personal Energy Coach ~
Yarrow helps you eliminate the “energy vampires” from your life – those people and situations that drain your vital energy.  She uses interactive games, self assessment worksheets and handouts to increase your awareness of your own personal energy.



Self Esteem Life Coach Tonya Ramsey

Tonya Ramsey
~ Self Esteem Coach ~
Tonya helps you discover what is holding you back, recognize your unhealthy thought patterns, rebuild your self esteem and bring your new perspective into focus.




Life Coach Dee Behrman


Dee Behrman ~ Life & Productivity Coach ~

Dee can serve as your guide to a life of integrity and authenticity through the clarity of communication She provides you with the tools, knowledge and removal of self-imposed barriers so that you are empowered to create the life of your dreams!




Francine Florette ~ Love and Relationships Coach ~ 
“Plan To Find Your Man” with Francine, the “The Love Lady.” Through counseling, seminars, “telechats,” CDs and books, Francine empowers single career women to find the man of their dreams, using a unique, systematic PLAN. She is an International Speaker and Trainer whose materials have been used by over a quarter of a million people around the world.

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